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Vasthu - One day Crash course for beginners : (FIRST Level)

Vasthu Shastra or Sthapatya Veda is the Science of architecture. Vasthu helps us recognize the powerful Influence our work and living surroundings have upon us. When we properly align our environment with Vasthu, balance occurs. Once this balance is created, stress is reduced and the frustrations and limitations in life diminish and we are filled with auspiciousness, prosperity and happiness.
Astroloka offers a one day crash course in Vasthu Shasthra.
This course has been designed for the fresher who do not have any knowledge of this Science.
All the below said topics will be discussed in detail.

Lesson 1: Understanding Vasthu Shastra

  1. Vasthu elements and their relation to the site
  2. The orientations
  3. The Vasthu Purusha
  4. The Vasthu Mandalas
Lesson 2: Implementing Vasthu Shastra

  1. The selection of the site
  2. Its topography and surroundings
  3. Vasthu of the soil
  4. Selection of the plot
  5. Slope of the plot
  6. Shape of the plot
  7. Projections & Retractions
  8. Adjacent plots
  9. Levels of the plot
  10. Plot with roads
Lesson 3: The exteriors according to Vasthu Shastra

  1. Set backs of the plot
  2. Boundaries
  3. Garage / Out house
  4. Guard's room
  5. Roofing
  6. The height
  7. Terrace / Porch / Portico / Balcony
  8. Stairs and steps
  9. The Entrance gate
  10. The Main door
  11. Doors
  12. Windows & openings
  13. Parking
  14. Basement
  15. Landscaping
  16. Overhead water tank
  17. Underground water tanks
  18. Tube well
Lesson 4: The Interiors according to Vasthu Shastra

  1. Drawing room
  2. Worship Room
  3. Bed Rooms
  4. Master Bedroom
  5. Guest room
  6. Children room
  7. Study Room
  8. Kitchen
  9. Bath Room
  10. Toilet
  11. Dining Hall
  12. Treasury Room
  13. Granary or Food Grain Storage
  14. Loft or attic
  15. The Upper Floors
  16. The Slanting projections
  17. The cattle shed/ dog house
  18. Letting for hire
  19. Main Switch
  20. Storage Area
Lesson 5:

  1. Laying the foundation
  2. Starting the excavation
  3. Starting the construction
  4. Shifting to the new area
Classical texts that form a base for the course:

Vasthu: Maymatam, Mansaar, Samarangan Sutradhar, Vasturaj Vallabh, Roop Mandan, Vasthu Ratnakar, Aparajita Prischa,

The course is conducted by L William an astrologer, Numerologist and Vasthu Consultant, with more than 25yrs experience in the field of Vasthu and the main Architect of Astroloka’s Astrology Software’s.

Vasthu Crash course for beginners
Program: Every 2nd Sundays

Course Duration:
One Day, From 09.30 AM To 5.30 PM

Course Fee:
Rs. 2500/- Only

Contact Person: Ravichandran Gajapathy
Contact Numbers: +91 99415 90605.

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