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Sub Hora

Sub Hora is an extension of Hora. Hora is 24 hour cycle while Sub Hora is a 168 period cycle with each Sub Hora lasting for about 8.33 minutes.

The use of Sub Hora is same as that of Hora only the effect is more intense sharper and concentrated. The fructification of an activity is greater when sub Hora is also applied.

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Date : 20/Jul/2018 Sun Rise :
Day : Friday Sun Set :
Day Hora Night Hora
Green - Beneficial.     Blue - Satisfactory.     Red - Detrimental.

Uses of Sub Hora :

Sun Sub Hora : All govt related works.

Moon Sub Hora : Travel and Light matters.

Mars Sub Hora : Antagonistic and competitive pursuits.

Jupiter Sub Hora : Financial Matters and all new ventures.

Mercury Sub Hora : Education Learning Communication.

Venus Sub Hora : Love and Marriage matters.

Saturn Sub Hora : All long lasting activities.

Note 1 :

  • Sun Sub Hora is positively more effective in Sun, Mars and Jupiter Hora.
  • Moon Sub Hora is positively more effective in Moon, and Jupiter Hora.
  • Mars Sub Hora is positively more effective in Sun, Mars, and Jupiter Hora.
  • Jupiter Sub Hora is positively more effective in Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Moon Hora.
  • Mercury Sub Hora is positively more effective in Mercury, Venus, and Saturn Hora.
  • Venus Sub Hora is positively more effective in Mercury, Venus, and Saturn Hora.
  • Saturn Sub Hora is positively more effective in Mercury, Venus, and Saturn Hora.

Example : All financial transactions are generally good in Jupiter sub Hora, they give better results particularly if the Jupiter sub Hora falls in Sun, Mars and Jupiter Hora.

Note 2 :

  • Sun Sub Hora is detrimental in Saturn and Venus Hora.
  • Moon Sub Hora is Less effective in Sun Mercury and Saturn Hora.
  • Mars Sub Hora is detrimental in Saturn and Mercury Hora.
  • Mercury Sub Hora is Less effective in Mars, Moon and Jupiter Hora.
  • Venus Sub Hora is Less effective in Sun , Moon and Jupiter Hora.
  • Saturn Sub Hora is detrimental in Sun Moon and Mars Hora.

Note 3 : If the the ruling Hora lords is placed favorably in ones birth chart and Transit chart an activity initiated in the same Hora will produce excellent results.

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