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Indian Baby Names And Their Meanings

One of the most significant tasks of parenting is naming your child and it is a wonderful experience for both husband and wife. The name you select will have an impact on your child and on you for the rest of your lives and as well it will influence on the development of your child’s personality and destiny. We have giant database with us to help you to find a most appropriate name for your child.

Baby Gender :  

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1AabheerA cowherdBoy
2Aabhera cow herdBoy
4AadalarasuKing of Dance Also AadalarasanBoy
5AadarshOne who has principlesBoy
6Aadeshcommand messageBoy
7AadhavanBrilliant like the SunBoy
9Aadhunikmodern, newBoy
10Aadifirst most importantBoy
11AadinathGod, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the first GodBoy
13AaditeySon of AditiBoy
16Aagneyborn from fireBoy
19Aahwaanithone who has been invited,wantedBoy
22Aakarform, shapeBoy
23Aakashthe sky, vast like the skyBoy
24Aalaapmusical preludeBoy
25Aalapmusical preludeBoy
27Aaloka ray of lightBoy
28Aamodpleasant, acceptBoy
29AandaleebThe Bulbul birdBoy
32AaritOne who seeks the right directionBoy
33Aarnav Boy
34AarpitTo donateBoy
36Aarushthe first ray of sunBoy
37AaryaLine on any particular raaga from sanskritBoy
38Aashank Boy
39Aashishblessings AashirwadBoy
40AashkaTake aashka of aartiBoy
41AashmanSon of the sunBoy
42AatishExplosive, a Dynamic personBoy
43Aayan Boy
44Aayoush Boy
45Aayush Boy
46Abbasa family nameBoy
47AbhavLord ShivaBoy
50AbhayanandaDelighting in fearlessBoy
51AbhayapradaBestower of safety, another name for VishnuBoy
55AbhibhavaOverpowering, powerful, victoriousBoy
56AbhicandraWith a moon like face, one of the seven Manus of the Svetambara jain sectBoy
58Abhihitexpression, word, nameBoy
59AbhihitaExpression, word, nameBoy
60Abhijatnoble, wiseBoy
61Abhijaytotal victoryBoy
62AbhijayaConquest, Complete victoryBoy
63Abhijeetone who is victorious, a starBoy
64Abhijitone who is victorious, a starBoy
65AbhijvalaBlazing forthBoy
67Abhilashwish , desireBoy
69Abhimanifull of pride, another name for Agni as the eldest son ofBoy
70AbhimanyuArjuna's sonBoy
71AbhimanyusutaSon or AbhimanyuBoy
72Abhimodjoy, delightBoy
73AbhimodaJoy, delightBoy
74AbhinabhasRenowned, famousBoy
75Abhinandto rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delightBoy
76AbhinandaTo rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delightBoy
78AbhinandanaFelicitous, delighting, welcomingBoy
79Abhinathlord of desires, another name for kamaBoy
80AbhinathaLord of desires, another name for kamaBoy
81Abhinavquite newBoy
82AbhinavaNew, young, fresh, modern, a sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainmentBoy
87AbhirajFearless KingBoy
88AbhiramLovely PleasingBoy
89AbhirathGreat charioteerBoy
92Abhirut Boy
94Abhishekshower of milk , water over an idolBoy
95Abhishokawarm, loving, intense griefBoy
96AbhisokaPassionate, lovingBoy
97Abhisumatradiant, another name of sunBoy
98Abhisyantsplendid, a son of Kuru and VahiniBoy
99AbhisyantaSplendid, a son of Kuru and VahiniBoy
100Abhivirsurrounded by heroes, a commanderBoy

ASTROLOKA Professional Version 6.0 have giant database with us to help you to find a most appropriate name for your child based on star, planet and / or numerology. Click here for details.

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