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Saturn Transit Prediction - 2009

Article By : L.William

Saturn on 10th Sep 2009 at 12 am leaves Leo and moves into Virgo and stays there till 15th Nov 2011.

In the Egyptian legend he is known as swathes Osiris and in the Greek legend he is known as Cronus in the Assyrian empire he was worshiped as Ninib "God of the South". Some sources attribute the Holy Stone of the Kaaba in Mecca to be representative of Hubal which was a Muslim name referring to Saturn.

In Sanskrit he is called as shani meaning Shanaye Kramati Sa : i.e the one who moves slowly. He is also known as Shanaiscarya Shani Bhagavan, Shaneesvara, Saneesvara, Shaneesvaran, Shani Deva, his other names are Kona, Manda, Sani, Krishn, Surya Putr, Yama, Pangu, Sanaischara, Sauri, Kala and Chayasuta.

Saturn's Transit position shows where specifically you will experience the greatest challenges and limitations. This is an area which will absorb much of your time and energy. As Saturn takes nearly 30 years to go around the Sun, it will be in one Sign over a period of about 2 1/2 years.

Saturn brings strength through self-limitation, discipline and planning. Often depicted as the planet of loneliness and malevolence, it rules restriction, falls (whether physical or metaphorical), old men, hard work, austerity, delay, poverty, loss, heaviness. However, it is to be remembered that any pleasure or pain that befalls a person during Saturn's influence is not his arbitrary doing; rather, it is the result of the person's own karma, Shani is considered to be a stern teacher who represents patience, effort, endeavor, and endurance. He forces people to be disciplined, and to understand that one needs to be humble, focused, patient, and hardworking to achieve success.

Effects of Saturn Transit for 12 Moon Signs or Rasi

Aries / Mesha

Saturn lord of 10th and 11th house moves to the 6th house of Challenges. Friends cause worry, be careful when you socialize. Professional life will be fluctuating. Be careful of enemies in your profession, there will be progress in career with a lots of opposition.

Taurus / Rishaba

Saturn Lord of 9th and 10th moves to the 5th house of Progeny, Mind, intelligence. Birth of Children is likely or worried movements due to progeny, there will be lots of tension and troubles in profession, Love matters give frustration, be careful in speculation but there will be good financial flow. They will be gains from paternal side and dame luck will be in your side.

Gemini / Mithuna

Saturn lord of 8th and 9th house moves to the 4th house of home, happiness, mother, vehicles etc. It is on start of Ardhaashtamam yet as Saturn is lord of Bhagyasthana he will give very minimal troubles. Mother, home, property, education, vehicles these areas cause you concern, Fathers well being causes worry.

Cancer / Kataka

Saturn lord of 7th and 8th house moves to the 3rd house of Victory. It is the end of Sadesati for Cancerians 7 1/2 years of difficulties and turmoil comes to an end. All Kataka rasis who went through a trying face will face much relief .They enter into a new optimistic, positive, radiant tomorrow. Good times are back again, Daridra Laxmi leaves and Maha Lakshmi returns to your house.Unmarried natives get married and married natives enjoy luck from thier partners Younger co-borns will cause you concern.

Try to take bath in the famous Thirunallar temple tank to absolve yourself of all the negative impacts of Saturn.

Leo / Simha

Saturn lord of 6th and 7th moves to the 2nd house of Family, Finances etc., Leo natives enter into the last 2 1/2 year of Sadesati. Saturn moves away from the most dreaded moon sign / janma rasi and moves to a lesser harmful house thus major headache are over. Here he gives disturbances to finance, family, Married Life is disturbed. Be careful of your speech and expression they will land you in trouble.Eye problems likely Remedial Measures are advised.

Virgo / Kanya

Saturn lord of 5th and 6th house moves to the Moon sign / Janma Representing ones mind .This is the 2nd 21/2 year phase of 7 1/2 years Saturn or Sadesati. Virgoans face the toughest Challenge of 7 1/2 years Saturn during this period. Mind and Health will be the major concern, Litigation accidents are likely. Birth of children is likely for some or children cause concern .Gains due to children. Avoid major decision, new business, change of job, investing money etc., Remedial Measures is Recommended.

Libra / Thula

Saturn lord of 4th and 5th house moves into the 12th house of Losses expenditure and confinement. Initiating Sade-sati or 7 1/2 yrs Saturn .Children will be the major cause of worry. Much money will be spent on children. Loss of mental peace. Mothers well being disturbs .Worries due to house and properties. As it is 7 1/2 yr Saturn period caution is Advised in all Spheres and Remedial Measures is recommended.

Scorpio / Vrichika

Saturn lord of 3rd and 4th house moves to the favorable 11th house of gains and realization of ambitions. Scorpions will receive help and favors throughout this transit financial matter will be very smooth, many dreams are likely to be fulfilled, professional tensions come to an end. As Saturn also is 8th from your 4th he may cause worry due to mother, home, vehicles and property.

Saggitarius / Dhanus

Saturn lord of 2nd and 3rd house moves to the 10th house of Profession. Younger co-borns well being or relationship is likely to be disturbed; your energies will be drained in work. You are also likely to face delicate situations in career. Financial matters will be bright ,family matters give joy.

Capricorn / Makara

Saturn lord of Asc and 2nd house moves to the 9th house of progress growth expansion and fortune. The dreadful Astama Sani comes to an end, Makara rasis can heave a sigh of relief, Health improves, obstacles are removed and most matters move smoothly from now. Fathers well being causes worry, family and financial fronts they will be hiccups, You are likely will go on a pilgrimage or travel abroad. You will begin to show much interest in spiritualism.

Aquarius / Kumbha

Saturn lord of Moon Sign / Janma Rasi and 12th house, moves to the dangerous 8th.Saturn in the 8th is likely to disturb your health, Fears torment you, unnecessary worries are likely, many tensed delicate and tough moments are likely. Unexpected luck is also possible. Remedial Measures is a must.

Pisces / Meena

Saturn lord 11th and 12th house moves to the 7th house of marriage. Unmarried Meena rasi natives get married, foreign travel is likely, there will be displacement in house or position, married natives will face trouble in relationship or partner well being causes anxiety, unnecessary expenditure and financial gain due to spouse is likely.

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