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Transit Results of Rahu and Ketu

Article By : L.William

Rahu Ketu transits from Makara/Katka to Dhanus/Mithuna on 17 Nov at 02pm IST (Mean Rahu/Ketu).They will be there for 18 months ie., up to 06 june 2011. Rahu magnifies and amplifies the matters of the house he transits ,he causes intense focuss and an obsessive passion for the concerned matters.Ketu causes disinterest ,dispassion ,detachment for the house he transits.The influence of Rahu is ascending,expanding and externalizing .Ketu is descending ,contracting and internalizing.


Rahu Transiting the 9th house of Fortune will produce the following results

  • Foreign travel likely
  • Secret gains
  • Spiritual iniation
  • Occult interest
  • Fathers well being causes concern

Ketu Transiting the 3rd house of Courage will produce the following results

  • Co borns cause frustration
  • Cautious attitude
  • Spiritual favours

Taurus / Rishaba:

Rahu Transiting the 8th house of Danger will produce the following results

  • Upheavals and changes in your life
  • Unexpected gains likely
  • Gains from inheritance possible
  • Occult experiences
  • Health causes concern
  • Dangers to self likely

Ketu Transiting the 2nd house of family will produce the following results Dissatisfaction in finance matters

  • Dissatisfaction in finance matters
  • Frustration in family
  • Distaste in worldly matters

Remedial Measures:

The evil effect of Ketu in the 2nd is neutralised by having darshan of holy men or visiting holy shrines as 2nd represents vision.

Rahu is appeased by abishekam and donation of black gram & golden snake idol. Donate gold or silver snake idol regularly also do abishekam, pray to Lord Subramaniya, visit Mannarshala Kukke subramaniya or Thirunageswaram.

Gemini / Mithuna:

Rahu Transiting the 7th house of Relationship will produce the following results

  • Love blossoms
  • Wedding bells ring
  • Pre/extra marital relationships possible (if Birth chart is afflicted)
  • Relationship with spouse cause concern (married persons)
  • Travels likely
  • New contracts are signed
  • New business likely

Ketu Transiting the janma rasi (Moon sign) will produce the following results

  • Divine thoughts
  • Inward thinking
  • Brooding
  • Mental block

Cancer / Kataka:

Rahu Transiting the 6thth house of Challenge will produce the following results

  • Professional growth
  • Finance improvement
  • Fortune smiles enigmatically

Ketu Transiting the 12 house of Moksha will produce the following results

  • Weird dreams
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Pilgrimages
  • Dip in holy rivers
  • Feet cause concern
  • Expenditure for religious matters

Leo / Simha:

Rahu Transiting the 5th house of Creativity will produce the following results

  • Speculative tendency
  • Transcendental thoughts
  • Revolutionary ideas
  • Interest in occultism
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth of children
  • Children cause concern
  • Love affair likely

Ketu Transiting the 11th house of fullfillment will produce the following results

  • Spiritual gains
  • Financial gains
  • Religious fervor and favour

Virgo / Kanya:

Rahu Transiting the 4th house of happiness & habitat will produce the following results

  • Victory over enemies
  • Acquiring vehicle,house,assets likely
  • Vehicle causes concern
  • Change of habitat likely
  • Concern regarding house & assets
  • Misunderstanding with relations likely
  • Parents well being causes concern

Ketu Transiting the 10th house of proffession will produce the following results

  • Frustration in profession
  • Dispassion
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Finishing of old Karma

Libra / Thula:

Rahu Transiting the 3rd house of valour will produce the following results

  • Younger brother/sister cause concern
  • Deceptive tendency
  • Cautious attitude
  • Travels likely
  • Children cause happiness
  • Care needed in agreements and contracts

Ketu Transiting the 9th house of Spiritualism will produce the following results

  • Spiritualism at its height
  • Pilgrimage
  • Fathers well being causes concern
  • Enlightenment

Scorpio / Vrichika:

Rahu Transiting the 2nd house of Wealth will produce the following results

  • Gains from vehicle, house & assets
  • Financial matters absorb a lot of time and energy
  • Possible concern regarding eyes
  • Possible concern regarding vak(speech)
  • Possible concern regarding family & spouse

Ketu Transiting the 8th house of occult experiance will produce the following results

  • Psychic disturbances
  • Psychological problems
  • Occult experiences
  • Kundalini is activated
  • Frustration in health and well being

Saggitarius / Dhanus:

Rahu Transiting the Janma Rasi(Moon sign) will produce the following results

  • Obsessive compulsion
  • Obsession to achieve
  • Anxiety
  • Extreme emotions

Ketu Transiting the 7th house of relationships will produce the following results

  • Love matters cause frustration
  • Dissatisfaction in married life
  • Aimless wandering
  • Unfocussed

Capricorn / Makara:

Rahu transiting the 12th house of Loss will produce the following results

  • Expenditure
  • Liking solitude
  • Confinement
  • Restriction
  • Travels

Ketu Transiting the 6th house of will produce the following results

  • Health gets better
  • Victory over enemies
  • Finance matters brighten up
  • Servants/subordinates cause concern
  • Becarefull with pets

Aquarius / Kumbha:

Rahu Transits the 11th house of Gains will produce the following results

  • Financial flow
  • Release from misery
  • Enemies, debts, illhealth are overcome
  • Gain from people in position
  • Hopes dream desires get fulfilled
  • Love affairs and romantic acquaintances blossom
  • Satisfaction satiation of personal needs/pleasures
  • New acquaintances take place
  • Ambitions, aspirations are realized

Ketu transiting the 5th house of spiritual initiation will produce the following results.

  • Spiritual tendency
  • Spiritual iniation
  • Divine experience
  • Frustration with children

Pisces / Meena:

Rahu Transiting the 10th house of Proffession will produce the following results

  • Good time for redefining or reinventing your profession
  • Responsibilities
  • Changes in proffession likely
  • Proffession cause concern
  • Hectic activities
  • Reputation endangered
  • Fathers well being causes concern

Ketu Transiting the 4th house of Happiness will produce the following results

  • Lack of mental peace
  • Frustrations in education
  • Learns about religuion
  • Vehicle causes concern
  • Change of habitat likely
  • Disatisfaction regarding house & assets
  • Misundestanding with relations likely
  • Parents well being causes concern

Note : The above results get modified based on your basic horoscope and the current running periods (Dasa/bhukthi)

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