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Rahu Ketu Remedial Measures

  1. Abishekam for Snake Statue
  2. Visiting Rahu Ketu Shethrams /Sthalams
  3. Donating Snake idols made of Gold or Silver
  4. Donating Black Gram dhal(Rahu) and Horse Gram (Ketu)
  5. Nagaprathistha
  6. Nagabali
  7. Chanting mantras stotras for Rahu Ketu
  8. Worshiping Lord Subramaniya & Goddess Durga is an effective remedy
  9. Worshiping Lord Ganapathi,Chitragupta and Brahma appeases Ketu
  10. Worshiping Cows ie.,Kamedhunu/Surabhi/Nandini etc.,appesases Rahu

Remedial measures for Rahu Ketu is advised when panchami tithi or Aslesha star occurs especially during Rahu Kalam or Sarpa Muhurtha.

Alternatively palliatives can be done for Rahu in Rahu Stars(Aridra,Swathi,Sathabisha) when the Lagna is transiting these nakshatras and for Ketu in Ketu Stars (Aswini,Makam,Moolam when lagna transits these Stars.

When Visiting Rahu/ Ketu Sthalams it is very important to have a strong Lagna auspioucious Moon and Rahu /Ketu in a favorable place from the Moon and Lagna .Definitely avoid Rahu Ketu on 6th 8th & 12th houses from current Moon and Lagna.

Remedial measures done in a very conducive Muhurta will neutralise any severe Sarpa Doshas

Kaal Sarpa

What is Kaalsarp?

When all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu Kaalsarp Yoga is formed. Complete Kaalsarp Yoga is formed only when half of the chart is unoccupied by planets. Even if one planet is outside the Rahu-Ketu Axis, there is no Kaalsarp Yoga.

Type of Kaalsarp Yoga

Ananth Kalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu is in the first House and Ketu in the seventh house and the rest of the planets are to the left of this axis the Yoga which arises is the Anant Kaalsarp Yoga. This is also called as Vipareeta Kaalsarp Yoga opposite Kaalsarp Yoga. Though this yoga has the power to give windfall gains to the native, it is bad for marital life.

Shankachood Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the ninth house and Ketu is in the 3rd house this yoga operates. Problems with father , misfortunes are the main problems.

Ghatak Kaalsarp Yoga:

This yoga arises when Rahu is in tenth house and Ketu in the fourth house. Litigation problems are common is this case. Punishment by law or the Government also possible. However if this yoga operates in a beneficial manner then it has the power to confer the highest form of political power.

Kulik Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the second house and Ketu the eighth house Kulik Kaalsarp Yoga arises. This combination is bad for health. The probability of losses and accidents is high with natives of this combination. This is bad for financial prosperity too. Its also bad for the longevity of marriage especially for a female.

Vasuki Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the third house and Ketu the ninth house and the rest of the planets are located to the left of the Rahu Ketu axis, this yoga is born. Makes one spiitual but lacking in fortune.

Shankpal Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the 4th house and Ketu the 10th this yoga is formed. The native gets trouble relating to work sphere and has to go through stress and anxiety. Problems with mother house vehicles and education.

Padam Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the fifth house and Ketu the eleventh house this Yoga is formed. The native is worried on account of children. There is difficulty in getting a progeny.

Mahapadam Kaalsarp Yoga:

This yoga is formed when Rahu is in the 6th house and Ketu is in the twelfth house. The native has many enemies and has problems on account of diseases. However, if this yoga acts beneficially, it has the power to confer power and political success.

Takshak Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu is in the seventh house and Ketu in the first house this yoga is formed. There is marital problems in the life of the native.

Karkotak Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the eighth house and Ketu the second house this yoga is formed. Health is disturbed married life is short.

Vishdhar Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the eleventh house and Ketu the fifth house the yoga which arises is the Vishdhar Kaalsarp Yoga. The native travels frequently and is never fixed at one place. Problems also arise from children. However these natives get some peace in the latter half of their life.

Sheshnag Kaalsarp Yoga:

When Rahu occupies the twelfth house and Ketu the 6th house this yoga arises. The native has problems relating to litigation. There are many enemies and health problems.

Remedial measures for Kalasarpa:

The best remedy to completely neutralise Kalasarpa is to have darshan of five important Sarpa sthalams on Mahasivarathri for 3 consecutive years

  1. Worship lord of thiruvalanchulli and kumbakona Nageswar (between 6pm to 8.24pm)
  2. Worship of Nageswar Nagathar (08.24pm to 10.48pm)
  3. Worship of Thirupampbaram Pambeswar (10.48pm to 01.12am)
  4. Worship of Nagoor Nageswar (01.12am to 03.36am)
  5. Worship of Nagapatinam Kayorakanageswar (03.36am to 06.00am)
  6. Conclude worshiping Thirunageswar Nagathar again (03.36am to 06.00am)

If unable to make this spiritual journey one can frequently visit these temples on Saptami tithi/ Aslesha Star to neutralize Kalasarpa dosha and all Sarpa doshas.

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