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AstroLoka Professional Version 6.01

The most advanced and interactive astrology software….. 


AstroLoka Professional Version 6.01 is created with the essence of the books viz., Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Brihat Jataka, Phaladeeepika, Uttara Kalamrita, Jataka Parijata, Saravali, Sarvatha Chinthamani, Kaal Prakasika, Brihatdaivygyaranjan, Muhurt Chintamani, Brihat Jyotisar, Jyotividabharam, Muhurt Deepika, Jyotir Nibandha, Muhurt Kalpdrum, Kaal Prakasika, Muhurt Ganapathi, Muhurt Deepak, Jyotisaar, Muhurt Martanda, Muhurt Prakash , Madhaveeyam etc.,


Traditional Module has many unique features, which cannot be found in other astrological package. It features 21 divisional charts, Dasa Bhukti for divisional charts, Planet to Planet relations, Mixed Chart, Special Lagnas, Upagrahas, Vedha, Sensitive Points, Jaimini Karakas, Sayanadiavastha, Vargas, Ashta Vargas, Prastara Ashta Vargas, Shadbalas, Tara Balam, Vimshottari Dasa (4 Level) and 10 other Nakshathra Dasas


Analysis features Lagna/Ascendent, Planets in Bhava, Planets in Rasi, Yogam and Dasa Prediction


Varshaphal features 21 divisional charts, Mixed Chart, Planet Position, Planet to Planet Relation, Sensitive Points, Muntha, Aspect, Harsha Bala, Pancha Vargiya Bala, Dwadahavargiya Bala, Lord of the Year, Sahams, Vimshottari Dasa, Mudda Dasa, Patyayini Dasa, Yogini Dasa.


Transit it features Dasa Bhukti for Natal and Transit , Sensitive Points, Vedha, Natal & Transit Planets Relations, and Mixed Chart.


KP Astrology Cuspal Position, Planet Positions, Ruling Planets, Prime Significator for Planet (Subwise and SubSubwise) and with reference to House( I to XII ), Cuspal Interlinks ( Plan I to Plan XII ), General Significator for Cusp and Planets, Aspect, and Vimshottari Maha Dasa ( 4 Level).


Horary Horary Number 249 and 2193 (all the above features are available for the Horary Number).


Progressed Chart Cuspal Position, Planet Positions, Ruling Planets, Prime Significator for Planet (Sub wise and Sub – Sub wise) and with reference to House( I to XII ), Cuspal Interlinks ( Plan I to Plan XII ), General Significator for Cusp and Planets, and option for chart progress.


Aspect module help us to find planetary aspect between natal planet to transit planet, and natal planet to transit bhava. Aall major and minor aspects, example, Conjuction, Parallel, Vegintile, Quindecile, Semi-Sextile, Decile, Semi – quire, Sextile, Quintile, Square, Tredecile, Trine, Sesquiduadrate, Bi-quintile, Quincunx, Opposition etc.,


Marriage Matching is the masterpiece of AstroLoka. Traditional rules modified with laborious research are the outcome of this module. The users will find this as an invaluable tool in identifying a proper match. It features Paapa Saamyam , Maha Dosha Quantum, Star Match ( 36 and 48 Points ), Star Classification, Dasa Sandhi Check , Chart, Mixed Chart, Groom and Bride Planet to Planet, House to House and Planet to House Relations, Synastry, Solunar Method.


Panchang is brought out with a deep research and effort. The entire gamut of Panchang is dealt in this package. The panchang is handled in three different formats viz., minute by minute panchang, general panchang and detailed panchang.


Muhurtha utility is the crown and pride of this package. Muhurtha is the child of Panchang. It is displayed in 8 different dimensions, to suit different user requirements. Auspicious time can be identified for routine and significant events.


Chakras features Kota, Sudersana, Tripataki, Sarvatobhadra, Panchashalakha, Sapta Shalakha, Surya Kanal, Chandra Kanal, Kurma, Latta, Vastu, and Kranti Samya.


Numerology section will introduce the user to the concept of numbers and its significance. It features Name Reading, Birthday Reading , Future Prediction, Fortune Guide , Numerology Compatibility, and Name Calculator with Automatic Suggestion.


Pancha Pakshi is the mysterious science of the Sidhar, revealed to unlock the secrets of time. It is a golden key to unlock the door to success. We provide this valuable treasure house of wisdom so you can discover the road to success .We are the first to provide this science of Pancha Pakshi as a software tool for the use in electional Astrology.


Baby Names is one of the most significant tasks of parenting is naming your child. The name you select will have an impact on your child and on you for the rest of your lives and as well it will influence on the development of your child’s personality and destiny. We have giant database with us to help you to find a most appropriate name for your child based on star, planet and / or numerology.


Financials is a fine tested research tool which helps the user to understand stock market trends astrologically.


Other features Gem Remedy, Favorable Features, Remedy, Mantras, Festivals, Reference, Ephemeris, Chandra Ashtam, Tithi Calculator, Date Calculator, Degree Calculator, Ayanamsa Calculator, Obliquity Calculator, Siderial time calculator, Planet Rise/ Set, Planet transits in Signs, Star and Sub Lord, Lagna Transits in Signs, Star and Sub Lord, Hora and Sub Hora, Number <=> Degree , Ishta Ghatika to Birth Time, Birth Time to Ishta Ghatika.


AstroLoka is brought out with immense hard work, research and reverence. Meticulous care and attention was given to every detail of this package. We hope the learned users shall ignore any shortcomings and come up with valuable comments and suggestion for improvement.


We wish AstroLoka guides the user in gaining the Purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha and use the knowledge for the benefit of mankind.


Key Features


  • Chart Style : South Indian, North Indian , East Indian or Western.
  • Bhava : Equal House, Placidius and Sripathi.
  • Ayanamsa : Lahiri, Raman, KSK (Old), KSK (New) ,Zero or custom.
  • Planets name : English or Sanskrit.
  • Horoscope, Panchang, Muhurtha, etc., can be calculated from 1800 AD to 3000 AD.
  • Horoscope, Panchang and Muhurtha can be calculated for any city in the world.
  • Numerology : Unitary, Hebrew Kabala, Pythagorean, Phonetic, Cherio, Alphabet and Custom Defined.
  • Around 300 countries and 5000 cities are provided.
  • Time zone(daylight/summer/standard) is provided for most of the countries.
  • Dasas can be calculated by taking a year as 360 days or 365.25 days.
  • Single page and half page printing options.
  • The results displayed in Panchang and Muhurtha section are displayed in three different colors(green,blue and red) which conveys special meaning. ie.,
  •          Green – Beneficial / Auspicious
  •          Blue – Neutral / Middling
  •          Red – Negative


Price : 9000 INR


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