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Astroloka Professional 6.0
Stock Market
Stock Market


Testimonial - Product

Mr.MANDHIR SINGH Date : 04/Apr/2011
Email :

Today I got your software,thanks for quick service. Software is a great one.

Mr.Ramadas Rao Date : 28/Dec/2009
Email :

The new version 6.0 of ASTROLOKA Vedic Astrology software is really helpful for Astrologers and and advanced students of Astrology. Nobody can find information’s regarding Pancha Pakshi which we can see in this software. Marriage Matching is really unique in itself. Mainly Dosha Samyam, Synastry using Solunar method and Planet to planet method is used in this software only. Muhurta module is simply superb and gives all types of auspicious timings for any occasion. Financial module is introduced new to this Astrology software which is unique in analyzing present day market trend. Special points like Pushkara Navamsha, Pushkara Bhaga, Amritha Ghati etc. are really very useful in analyzing any horoscope.

I suggest everybody to use this software to check day to day Astrology.

MY STAR - Vedic Monthly Magazine Date : 09/Dec/2009
Email :

Astroloka Version 6.0 is the latest and most revolutionary astrology software to be launched in India.

It has been compiled and presented after years of painstaking research and is considered by many leading astrologers as the finest astrological software available in the market today.

This is a software that has an indispensable tool making it comfortable not only for the research minded astrologer, but also for a rank newcomer.

The calculations of planetary positions, etc. are based on modem mathematical equations and are up to the accuracy of the Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA, USA. The entire gamut of Vedic astrology calculation is reproduced with accurate predictions and analysis and its Traditional Module has many unique features, which cannot be found in other astrological packages.

The intricacies of KP astrology and its new discoveries and developments are also wonderfully presented.

Astroloka Version 6.0 is a virtual boon for all astrology enthusiasts as it reaches out to the various schools of astrology. Followers of Western astrology will particularly find its applicability to Vedic astrology scholarly presented.

Its 4-stage in-depth Marriage Matching section is a magnum opus by itself. The Muhurtha section is a masterpiece wherein Vedic, Nadi, rare and researched practical muhurtha principle are used. The Numerology section is unparalleled with its presentation and utility with a database of numerological and astrologically suited Baby names. A list of researched astro-calculation is provided for those interested in predicting the financial market.

The software comes with a host of other utilities such as Panch a Pakshi, Chakras, Vedic remedies, Chandra astamam, Tithi calculator, Ghati calculator and many more varied and useful utilities.

Astroloka Version 6.0 is bound to redefine the working of existing users of astrological software by its improved and more scientific inputs.

Ananth Sivachariar, Shiva Murugan Temple, USA Date : 04/Dec/2009
Email :

I have used your Astroloka for almost six years and the new 6 version has really good user interface and very user friendly. Panchngam,muhurtham and the key features are very detail and the predictions are really accurate. If I wanted to recomend one astro software then I do recomend this Atroloka for any one.

Mr. KN MURTHI Date : 25/Nov/2009
Email :

Certainly it is excellent and most informative and educative software.

Mr. V. Krishna Prasad Date : 24/Nov/2009
Email :

(Voruganti  Astro Research)

I am using ASTROLOKA software for quite some time now ASTROLOKA Professional Version 6.0 is a more comprehensive package offering all the requirements for prediction.  It is easy to use and is based on accurate calculations. I wish him good luck in his efforts"

Mr. S.Soundararajan Date : 24/Nov/2009
Email :

I personally thank you for the painstaking analytical software brought out by you.  In fact this software I used to fix time for applying for job for my son,  attending interview and joining.    T o our amazement it worked miracles. More than expected happened.  I used to fix the function for my grand daughter ayoshhomam ,  joining school etc to our utter satisfaction.  In fact i used to predict in what star my grand daughter will be born too and suggested to my daughter for the delivery at that time.  Very  useful  product.  

Dr.Senthilkumaar.L Date : 24/Nov/2009
Email :

KP Astrologer

There is no words, because it is amazing and user friendly. I never saw such kind of Software in so interactive & flexible manner. It dealing with Hindu Traditional; K.P; and Western particularly ASPECTS are so nice and easy to understand. Finance part of it It is so research oriented and it give guidance for business.

“ About "AstroLoka Professional Version 6.0" is a TREASURE.”

Mr. Biga (from France) Date : 24/Nov/2009
Email :

Very nice stellar tool for horary astrology ( zodiac engine, nulmber degrées 's tool , KP position, significator ,4 steep....)
Very good Pannchang, Muhurta
It s the first to have some interressing financial's tools ( possibility to search transiting planet or lagna in sign, stard lord... with the possibility to have the chart with one click )
An good numerology with also the possibility to custum it ( very good )
Alll these tools work very quickly

Mr. K.A.Venkatraman Date : 24/Nov/2009
Email :

Vedic astrologer

I have been using Astroloka for at least 4 years and was impressed with it so much that I requested Shri Ravi to make a USB dongle so that we can reload the programme Whenever we want. The new Astroloka 6.0 has come out with all its special features (which are not found in any other astrological software). I feel extremely happy to work with this software which gives us innumerable options and many special features for prognostication. It is equally good for the beginner and also the much advanced astrologer. I would recommend this as a must for every Vedic astrologer wherever he may be.

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