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Pooja’s and Homam

The following Pooja’s / Homam will be performed in client Place on request.


Aghora Homam

Aghora Moorthy is destructive form of Lord Shiva. To avoid the sufferings caused by all kinds of invisible evil spirits, offering Aghora Homam to Lord Shiva.


Narasimha Homam

To avoid lack of proper mental growth according to age, unnecessary fear & to have proper mental health, Narasimha Homam is done.


Mahasudansana Homam

To get rid of any negative effects from enemies & reduce the effect of all kind of negative energy related behavior & acts from enemies .It gives prosperity & purity to heart & thus helps to have a peaceful life.


Umamaheswara pooja

There are many people who are experiencing obstacles for marriage because of minor issues. Umamaheswara pooja is offered to Lord Parameswaran & Parvathi Devi to remove all obstacles for marriage & have a blissful married life


Ashtadravya mahaganapathi homam

To get rid of all sorts of obstacles & other issues which may occur from eight directions. Ashtadravya Maha Ganapathi Homam is to be done early morning


Thrikala pooja-Bhagavathi seva

Thrikaala indicates dawn, noon and night. It is done as 3 separate pooja’s in a day. Thrikaala pooja is done to avoid all miseries& calamities & to get rid of it. Pooja is for 3 deities& separate naivedya, manthra& dhyanam for all deities.


Mruthyunjaya homam

To avoid all diseases, other tortures& untimely death occurring as a result of our sinful acts. By doing Mruthyunjaya Homam with “dravyam & manthra” we will get peace of mind, mental satisfaction &cure from chronic illness. It is dedicated to Lord Mahadeva & to be done sitting towards north direction & chanting 108 Panchaksharee manthra.


Navagraha homam-pooja

In every horoscope some planets are well placed & some are not so favorably placed. So we go through different phases in life. Navagraha pooja is done to remove & reduce the negative effects of planets placed in unfavorable positions & to have a heart without any tension . Pleasing all planets is the intention of this pooja.


Vishnu pooja

To get prosperity & to sustain the existing prosperity Vishnupooja is to be done without fail. Chanting Vishnu sahasranaamam , Sreekrishnaashtothara shatham & Vishnubhujangam is required when finishing the pooja.


Dhanwantahri pooja

Intention is to have sound physical & mental health with the blessings of Lord Dhanwanthari who is a celestial healer as well as manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Worshipping Lord Dhanwanthari with a pot containing the rejuvenating nectar called “Amruth” in Dhanwanthari pooja


Lakshmi narayana pooja

To avoid all disagreements & difference of opinions in marital life & to have a peaceful & happy married life by avoiding all issues. It is believed that this auspicious pooja brings unity in a family. It creates a bondage of love between a husband & wife.


Lakshminarayana pooja is very effective to fulfill the wishes &desires of a person or his family.


Santahnagopala pooja

There are many people who are married for years & longing for a child .Santhaana Gopala pooja is a highly effective solution for those desirous of begetting children with highly admirable good qualities. Santhaana Gopala is Lord Sreekrishna in the child form. This pooja is done on auspicious days.


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