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Financial Astrology Course

This course will be helpful to predict the Volatility & direction of NIFTY, DOW JONES for Intraday, Short Term, Medium Term, and Long Term.



  • The Basics of Vedic Astrology
  • Fundamental Principles of Financial Astrology
  • The Bullish and Bearish Signs
  • The Bullish and Bearish Planets
  • Planets which causes Volatile in Stock Market
  • Significator (Karakas) Planets for Stock Market / Commodity / Sectors
  • How to Predict Long Term Trend in the Stock Market
  • How to Predict Short Term Trend in the Stock Market
  • How to Predict Daily Trend in the Stock Market
  • How to Predict Nifty Month Wise
  • When to Buy and When to Sell using Planets Cycle
  • How to Find Trend Reversal using Astrology Events
  • Pancha Pakshi and Stock Market
  • How to Find the Most Auspicious Time & Day for Trading
  • How to Find the Best time period for Investing in Stock Market
  • Learning Some Basics of Predictive Principles


Course Conducted By:

The Course is conducted by RAVICHANDRAN GAJAPATHY –  Financial Astrologer 


Course Duration:

2 Day – Any two days as per your convenience on Request

Direct on site Or Join live online through remote sharing application (Skype / Anydesk) 


Course Fees:

  • INR. 15,000/- (Indian Customer)
  • USD 350 (International Customer)


Course Booking:

Please send an email to info@ASTROLOKA.COM

 ( or )


Mobile / WHATSAPP – 91 99415 90605



  • No basic knowledge of astrology is necessary.
  • Trading knowledge is not essential but will be helpful.