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Financial Astrology Consultation

Astrology and finance is co-related. It has been proved beyond doubt that a professional astrologer can very well analyze and suggest best financial options, investment avenues, appropriate timings and the sectors favorable for investment, with risk and reward analysis. Many clients who got their horoscopes scanned and analyzed were in dilemma of investing in stock & commodity markets, we analyze whether their horoscope is suitable for involving in financial market. We have also warned many clients not to venture into the Stock market based on their horoscope and averted them from a major destruction.


Our Service Includes:

  • Identifying Favorable Sectors and Commodity
  • Identifying Unfavorable Sectors and Commodity
  • Identifying Favorable Time Period for Trading and  Investments 
  • Identifying Unfavorable Time Period for Trading and Investments


Consultation Fees: 

  • Indian Customer – INR 2 ,500/- 
  • International Customer – USD 50 


For appointments:


Mobile / WHATSAPP – 91 99415 90605