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Astrology Lessons

  1. Planet Houses
  2. Planetary Characteristics
  3. Planetary Status for Ascendent / Lagna
  4. Planetary House Strengths
  5. More About Planets
  6. Rasi Nature

Planet Houses

The Rasi chart is divided into twelve areas called the houses and each of these areas represents an area of life.

First House / Lagna

Body, Personality, Appearance, Health, Dignity

Second House

Learning, Wealth, Speech, Family, Face, Right eye.

Third House

Younger co-borns, Help, Communications, Courage, Valor, Neighbours, Short Journeys, Right Ear, Neck, Throat, Arms, Lungs.

Fourth House

Mother, Home, Immovable assets, Vehicle, Comforts, General happiness, Chest, Heart.

Fifth House

Progeny, Learning, Creativity, Intelligence, Intuition, Spiritual inclination, Speculation, Purva Punya, Upper abdomen, Love.

Sixth House

Maternal Uncle, Enemies, Thieves, Accidents, Disease, Loans, Debts, Humiliation, Legal and court cases, Pets, Servants, Subordinates, Lower Abdomen.

Seventh House

Spouse, Marriage, Partnerships, Passion, Sexual Desire, Semen, Kidney, Agreements and Contracts.

Eighth House

Longevity, Death, Danger, Disgrace, Hurdles, Legacies, Sudden Unexpected Gains, Inheritance, Nature of Death, External Genitalia, Loss of Limb.

Ninth House

Father, Preceptor or Guru, Religious Learning, Wisdom, Charity, Fortune, Higher studies and Research, Long Journeys, Hips, Thighs, Liver.

Tenth House

Profession, Honor, Recognition, Fame, Knee Joints.

Eleventh House

Elder Brother, Friends, Gains of all Nature, Income, Success, Entertainment, Legs, Left Ear.

Twelveth House

Expenditure, Loss of Wealth, Bedroom, Sleep, Imprisonment, Exile, Renunciation, Foreign Land, Secret Enemies, Hospitalisation, Feet, Left Eye.

Additional Information on Houses

6th, 8th and 12th houses are dushsthana or evil houses. 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th are known as hidden houses. 1st, 4th, 7th and the 10th houses are angles or Kendras.1st, 5th and 9th houses are Trikona or Trines. 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses are Panaphara. 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th are Apoklima. 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses are Upachaya or Increasing houses. 4th and 8th are Chatusara houses.

Planetary Characteristics


Time, Soul, Father, Ego, Ruler, Government, Intelligence, Vitality, Profession, Honor, Fame, Glory, Heart, Copper, Orange colour, Ruby, East.


Mother, Mind, Emotion, Water/Fluids, Pearl, White colour, Flowers, North West.


Brothers, Defense forces, Courage, Strength, Valor, Muscle, Blood, Fire, Earth, Copper, Red colour, Coral, South east.


Maternal Uncle, Intelligence, Logic, Mathematics, Humor, Speech, Skin, Nervous system, Green colour, Emerald, North.


Progeny, God, Guru, Place of Worship, Devotion, Dharma (Constant integrated awareness), Wisdom, Nobility, Ethical Behavior, Morality, Spirituality, Finance, Bank, Law, Liver, Fat, Gold, Yellow colour, Yellow Sapphire, North East


Wife, Women, Marriage, Sex, Happiness, Passion, Beauty, Creativity, Music and Fine arts, Seminal Fluid, Kidney, Secretion, Vehicles, Silver, White colour, Diamond, Bedroom, South east.


Longevity, Old age, Servant, Subordinates, Poverty, Humility, Deprivation, Purification, Sorrow, Miseries, Hardship, Humiliation, Obstruction, Lethargy, Procrastination, Chronic Disease, Bones, Hair, Nails, Dirty places, Iron, Blue and Black colour, Blue sapphire, West.


Illusion, Transients, Unorthodoxy, Skeptics, Atheists, Black magic, Adultery, Incest, Illegitimacy, Maverick, Foreign Travels, Snakes, Poisons, Liquor, Narcotics, Secrecy, Gambling, Cheating, Underworld, Thieves, Outlaws, Illegal activities, Black colour, Gomedh (Garnet), South west.


Moksha, Detachment, Renunciation, Occult Knowledge, Spirits, Red colour, Cats eye.

Gulika / Maandi

Death, Death rituals, Graveyards, Black magic, Evil spirits.

Planetary Status For Ascendent / Lagna

Ascendent / Lagna Yogakaraka / Benefics Maraka / Killers Malefics Neutral
Aries Mars, Sun, Jupiter Venus Saturn, Mercury Moon
Taurus Saturn, Mercury Jupiter, Mars Moon Sun
Gemini Mercury, Venus, Saturn Jupiter, Moon Mars, Sun ---
Cancer Moon, Mars, Jupiter Sun, Saturn Mercury, Venus ---
Leo Mars, Sun, Jupiter Saturn Moon Mercury, Venus
Virgo Mercury, Venus, Saturn Jupiter, Mars Sun, Moon ---
Libra Saturn, Mercury, Moon Mars Jupiter, Sun Venus
Scorpio Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun Venus,Mercury Saturn ---
Saggitarius Mars, Sun Mercury, Moon,Saturn Venus Jupiter
Capricon Mercury, Venus, Saturn Moon, Sun Mars, Jupiter ---
Aquarius Venus, Saturn Sun Moon, Mars Mercury, Jupiter
Pisces Mars, Moon, Jupiter Mercury, Venus Sun, Saturn ---

Planetary House Strengths

Houses Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Kethu
Aries Uccha Sama Swa Sama Mitra Sama Neecha Shatru Shatru
Taurus Shatru Uccha Sama Mitra Shatru Swa Mitra Uccha Neecha
Gemini Sama Mitra Shatru Swa Shatru Mitra Mitra Mitra Mitra
Cancer Sama Swa Neecha Shatru Uccha Shatru Shatru Shatru Shatru
Leo Swa Mitra Mitra Mitra Mitra Shatru Shatru Shatru Shatru
Virgo Sama Mitra Shatru Swa/Uccha Mitra Neecha Mitra Mitra Mitra
Libra Neecha Sama Sama Mitra Shatru Swa Uccha Mitra Mitra
Scorpio Mitra Neecha Swa Sama Mitra Sama Shatru Neecha Uccha
Saggitarius Mitra Sama Mitra Sama Swa Mitra Sama Mitra Mitra
Capricon Shatru Sama Uccha Sama Neecha Mitra Swa Mitra Mitra
Aquarius Shatru Sama Sama Sama Sama Mitra Swa Mitra Mitra
Pisces Mitra Sama Mitra Neecha Swa Uccha Sama Mitra Mitra

  • Swa : Own House (75% strength)
  • Uccha : Exaltation (100% strength)
  • Neecha : Debilitation (0% strength)
  • Mitra : Friendly (60% strength)
  • Shatru : Enemy (20% strength)
  • Sama : Neutral (35% strength)

Rasi Nature

Aries Odd, Fiery, Movable, Barren, Viloent, Quadruped, Short ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Hilly Areas, Head, Brain
Taurus Even, Earthy, Fixed, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension,Female, Windy, Agricultural Land, Face, Eyes
Gemini Odd, Airy, Dual,Barren, Human, Double-bodied, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Bedroom, Throat, Shoulder, Arms, Lungs
Cancer Even, Watery, Movable, Fruitful, Mute, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Chasm with water, Chest
Leo Odd, Fiery, Fixed, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Heart, Upper Abdomen
Virgo Even, Earthy, Dual, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Female, Windy, Mountain, Lower Abdomen, Spleen
Libra Odd, Airy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Voice, Long ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Entertainment Places, Genetelia, Kidney.
Scorpio Even, Watery, Fixed, Fruitful, Mute, Violent, Centiped, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Underground, Excretory Organs.
Saggitarius Odd, Fiery, Dual, Semi Fruitful, Double - bodied, Quadruped(Second Half), Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Military Places, Thighs , Liver.
Capricon Even, Earthy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension, Female, Windy, Watery, Knee.
Aquarius Odd, Airy, Fixed, Human, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Porter House, Shin.
Pisces Even, Watery, Dual, Fruitful, Mute, Double- Bodied, Centiped, Short ascension, Female, Phlegm, Sea, Feet

More About Planets

Nature :   Malefic
Age :   50 Years
Rulership :   Atma
Status :   King
Complexion :   Blood Red
Sex :   Male
Elements :   Fire
Caste :   Kshatriya
Guna :   Rajasik
Abode :   Temple
Period :   Ayana
Taste :   Pungent
Season :   Greeshma
Direction :   East
Diety :   Shiva
Alphabets :   A,E,I,O,U
Nature :   Benefic
Age :   70 Years
Rulership :   Mind
Status :   Queen
Complexion :   White
Sex :   Female
Elements :   Water
Caste :   Vaisya
Guna :   Sathwic
Abode :   Water
Period :   Muhurtha
Taste :   Saline
Season :   Varsha
Direction :   North West
Diety :   Parvathy
Alphabets :   Y,R,L,V,S,H
Nature :   Malefic
Age :   16 Years
Rulership :   Strength
Status :   General
Complexion :   Blood Red
Sex :   Male
Elements :   Fire
Caste :   Kshatriya
Guna :   Rajasik
Abode :   Fire
Period :   Day
Taste :   Bitter
Season :   Greeshma
Direction :   South
Diety :   Subramanya / Agni
Alphabets :   K,G
Nature :   Benefic
Age :   20 Years
Rulership :   Speech
Status :   Heir
Complexion :   Green
Sex :   Eunuch
Elements :   Air
Caste :   Vaisya
Guna :   Sathwic
Abode :   Play Ground
Period :   Ritu
Taste :   Mixed
Season :   Sarath
Direction :   North
Diety :   Vishnu
Alphabets :   T,D
Nature :   Benefic
Age :   30 Years
Rulership :   Knowledge
Status :   Priest
Complexion :   Yellow
Sex :   Male
Elements :   Ether
Caste :   Brahmin
Guna :   Sathwic
Abode :   Treasury
Period :   Month
Taste :   Sweet
Season :   Hemantha
Direction :   North East
Diety :   Brahma
Alphabets :   Tha, Dha
Nature :   Benefic
Age :   7 Years
Rulership :   Happiness
Status :   Minister
Complexion :   White
Sex :   Female
Elements :   Water
Caste :   Brahmin
Guna :   Sathwic
Abode :   Bedroom
Period :   Fortnight
Taste :   Sour
Season :   Vasantha
Direction :   South East
Diety :   Sachidev
Alphabets :   C,J
Nature :   Malefic
Age :   100 Years
Rulership :   Grief
Status :   Servant
Complexion :   Blue
Sex :   Eunuch
Elements :   Air
Caste :   Sudra
Guna :   Tamasik
Abode :   Dustbin
Period :   Year
Taste :   Astrigent
Season :   Sisira
Direction :   West
Diety :   Yama
Alphabets :   P,F,D,M
Nature :   Malefic
Rulership :   Tantra
Status :   Thief
Complexion :   Black
Sex :   Female
Caste :   Chandala
Guna :   Tamasik
Direction :   South West
Diety :   Durga
Nature :   Malefic
Rulership :   Moksha
Status :   Sanyasi
Complexion :   Variegated
Sex :   Eunuch
Caste :   Sudra
Guna :   Tamasik
Diety :   Chithragupta

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