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Mr. RAVICHANDARAN GAJAPATHY – Financial Astrologer

Ravichandran Gajapathy started his career as a technology person and went up the ladder to be a consultant and director to various companies. He worked for two years in the United States as Chief Technical Officer. Apart from the IT skills, he is specialized in Astrology, Financial Astrology, Vastu and Numerology, also designed and developed Astroloka Professional astrology software. Apart from Astrology, he has extraordinary Technical Analyzing skill in Capital Market for Equity & Commodity and also certified as NSE Certified Capital Market Professional.

Mr. YOGISHA KASARAGOD – Financial Analyst

Yogisha is a science graduate who has worked for financial companies JP Morgan and Alpari UK. Trading is his passion and he has been trading since 2012 in International Forex market and Binary options. He is right now working for Astrotechnical as Technical analyst and conducts various live trading webinars where investors follow our trading calls for Intraday and Short term holding. 

Mr. L WILLIAM – Astrologer


William is a full time practicing astrologer and astro researcher for the last 30 years. He comes from an astro family lineage. He is associated with our company for the last 12 years. His expertise is in traditional vedic astrology and into all the latest Astro Methods (Parasari, Jaimini, kp, Nadi,Bhrigu etc). He is also an expert in Vastu and Feng shui. Numerology is his magic tool. He is a Reiki and pranic healer. Past life regression is his passion. He is an astro psychological counselor and spiritual adviser.

Mr. PRASANTH  – Namboothiri

Prasanth born into a traditional Hindu family had a thirst for spiritual knowledge, yoga and Vedas from a very young age. At the age of 12 pursued his passion for Vedas, Tantric Pooja and spirituality under the guidance of his Gurus Vimal Kumar and Vasudeva bhattathiri to become a High Priest (Namboothiri). He is well know in his circle for his accurate astrological consultations and giving advises on Vedic /Tantric Poojas and Yagyas for spiritual and materialistic benefit. Not only does he do Poojas/ Yagyas at various temples and for individuals around Kerala and Tamil Nadu but also has been to Malaysia, Hong Kong and various countries to do prayers to elevate problems and restore spiritual and materialistic balance and success both at home and work.